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Custom Made Tile Art By Linda Harlan White


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Outdoor and indoor Signs

Advertise your business or add a beautiful sign outside your home. Our custom signs are weatherproof and long lasting.   


Home Decor

Make your house a work of art by installing a custom kitchen back-splash, shower tiles, or a custom mural.


Turn Photos into Art

Turn your favorite photos of loved ones into everlasting art with a beautiful custom portrait. 


Pet Portraits
Memorialize your Pet

Create an everlasting memory of your beloved pet. 

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Get an art piece of your favorite places, activities, animals or flowers. 


Artwork For Sale (Premade)
the Mountain Arts Gallery

Take a look at some of my most recent artwork for sale or see it in person at the Mountain Arts Gallery.


About the Artist

I have been an artist for over 40 years. I have an A.A. Degree in Art from El Camino College where I took every art class they had to offer - Ceramics, Photo, Printmaking, Enameling, Graphic Art, Glass Fusion, Acrylic and Watercolor. However, I found my forte in China Painting on Tiles. Of course, I couldn't have chosen a more tedious medium for my art; the tiles must be fired up to 20 times in a kiln. Each firing achieves the next stage of development in the painting, bringing out the depth of color and detail, a little more each time.


The Process

Creating and decorating ceramics is one of the oldest art forms in history. 


Step One- Let's Chat

Your custom tile artwork begins with discussing your vision.  By listening and working through what your goals are, I’ll be able to create a design that makes your vision come true.

» What type of tile product are you interested in and where will the tiles be displayed?
» What is your personal style?
» What is your time frame?

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Step Two- Make a Plan

Once I’ve honed in on your vision, I’ll collect all the elements that will make up your design and present it to you in an easy-to-understand package that will include initial sketches and drafts.

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Step Three-  Painting and Firing the Tiles

Now the art begins! Painting and firing each piece of tile multiple times to bring out the details and color of the work. 


Final Step- Deliver

Your custom tile is complete! The last step is to deliver it in the method that works best for your installation. 


My mom loved the portrait I gave of her playing music when she was younger. Linda did a fantastic job!
— Jackie K.

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Visit the Mountain Arts Gallery in Lake Arrowhead Village.


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